Children having a thing for dinosaurs are smarter? A study published on the US journal surprised me

Children having a thing for dinosaurs are smarter? A study published on the US journal surprised me

Parents kept being asked like:

"Mom, is Tyrannosaurus Rex stronger than Tiger?"
"How many meals per day a dinosaur like Diplodocus or Brachiosaurus will have?"
"Some dinosaurs can fly, burst out fire, and squirt water?"
"Why would dinosaurs extinct?"
Not only children, the parents have questions too:
Obviously, dinosaurs are so ugly. Why there are so many children crazy for them?
Dinosaurs Complexity is not weird. From the perspective of children, dinosaurs are a symbol of strength, freedom, justice, and independence. The power and mystery of dinosaurs attract children.
Let me tell you a secret:
Children who like dinosaurs may be smarter!
Studies published by Indiana University and the University of Wisconsin showed that children who have a stronger interest in dinosaurs may have higher intelligence. Because by child's "strong interest" in dinosaurs, they can gain stronger perseverance, higher concentration, and the ability to process complex information ...

In the process of continuously exploring the knowledge of dinosaurs, the child was greatly satisfied with curiosity and imagination, and experienced the thrill of becoming an "expert", thereby having a stronger cognitive ability and learning ability.

For children who are in the brain development stage, because they are obsessed with dinosaurs and constantly learn and accept new things, it is a kind of positive feedback cycle. Strong interest can make them better learners.

So, since we like dinosaurs to cultivate children's curiosity, concentration, cognitive ability, and perseverance, so that children can continue to grow and become independent and powerful, why not be happy?

Prehistoric Zoo: Adventures of the Dinosaur World

1. Lifelike dinosaur model represents dinosaur's real life

Dinosaurs have all been extinct, and it is precisely because they have never seen this creature that children are more curious about what this giant creature looks like? How to survive?
3otters has carefully selected high-quality models from thousands of dinosaurs, and presents the appearance of dinosaurs in front of children in real scenes. The scene is grand and the pictures are shocking in high definition, giving children a movie-like audiovisual experience.

2. Includes all the fun dinosaur knowledges that the teacher won't teach at classroom.
I'm tired of Triceratops, Liang Long and Thunder Dragon in the book. Do you know what are thick-nosed dragons, Argentinosaurus and Feng's Shanglong?
3otters can take the children to see those dinosaurs they have never seen before. Some of them live in the sea, some are as large as pigeons, and some have two pairs of wings!

3. Designed for young children
This set of toys is specially designed for preschool children. It is made by teachers from the University of California, Berkeley and brings scientific and natural enlightenment to children from the most professional perspective.

And in order to avoid confusing the terminology, many comments that children can understand
For example, it is difficult for children to imagine the volume and weight of dinosaurs. They will use common bottled mineral water to analogize the weight of dinosaurs, and use the number of floors in a building to compare the height of dinosaurs, which will be much easier to understand.

Inserted some dinosaur stories. The baby tyrannosaurus treats dinosaur eggs as toys and is chased by other dinosaurs. These are small plots that interest children. The rich content forms make learning not boring, and children learn quickly and remember well.

4. Life history on Earth and species origin
Bringing the child back to the age of dinosaurs and seeing the appearance and habits of dinosaurs can not only satisfy children's curiosity, but also further mobilize their imagination, feel the origin and evolution of species, understand the life history of the earth, and carry out Enlightenment of Natural Science.
In the toy, not only the birth of the dinosaur baby, but also the reason for the extinction of the dinosaurs, and the sharing of small knowledge of the food chain, so that children understand the natural rules of "natural selection, survival of the fittest".

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