4 Steps to Dress Like a Hogwarts Student

Dress Like a Hogwarts Student


First, you should choose a style that you admire, or you can search online. At Hogwarts, every student has his own house , so you must choose a Harry Potter Hogwarts house which will affect the colors of your uniform.

Harry Potter Hogwarts house

Generally, the symbol of Gryffindor is red and gold, Slytherin is green and silver, and Hufflepuff is black and yellow. However,there is some difference about Ravenclaw between the book and the movie. In the book, its sign is blue and bronze, but in the movie is blue and silver. By the way, you cannot pick a house only based on the original color schemes, although they are very tempting.

Judging from the choice of your house, other Harry Potter fans may know your identity. That’s why  you need a uniform based on your house. In the books, students don't necessarily have different uniforms. They all wear plain black robes, and their underneath seems to be optional. If you want to copy this style, you'll only need to find a robe and a hat, though it'll be harder for others to recognize that you're from Hogwarts.


In fact, the Hogwarts uniform is composed of many separate parts, and many details in your uniform are optional to make you more unique. However, it would be hard for you to be noticed without these details. So if you want to be more attractive, do your best as you can as follows.

The items you can find in common clothing stores are:

  • A plain white shirtwith buttons
  • A dark gray knitted v-neck sweater, a cardigan or a sleeveless sweater vest
  • Dark gray trousers, or a skirt around knee-length
  • Black tights or stockings
  • Black shoes
  • Dark gray socks


Hogwarts robe

To find a Hogwarts robe, the easiest way is to search online. It will be  pretty expensive if you want one is sold by the official website. Here is a suggestion that you can get a similar one under 100 dollars and make you look more professional than other Halloween cosplayers. You can buy a simple black robe that is unrelated to Harry Potter and change it by sewing some house patches. You can also attempt to make your own robe entirely from scratch if you are good at sewing and patient enough.


Now that the main parts of the costume have been in preparation, it's time to design some Harry Potter cosplay accessories set.

Harry Potter cosplay accessories

  • The first decorationyou need is a tie matches your house in various prices (striped red and gold, green and silver, yellow and black or blue and bronze/silver). When you buy a tie, you need to pay attention to the notes that other people leave about the product .What’s more, you do not need to buy a tie with all your money, because it’s only a part near your neck which will be invisible under your vest.
  • The second accessory you'll need is ablack magic Luckily, the hats needn’t be colored , and it's very easy to buy an inexpensive black witch hat in stores on Halloween, or online anytime.
  • The third one is a Obviously, the wand is not used to do a magic trick, but you can pretend that it could be! There are two ways to obtain a wand. One is to purchase a wand, and another is to Make a Harry Potter Wand yourself. The second option is more challenged, but it'll be more fun (and less expensive).

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