Ultimate Guide on How to Choose Halloween Costumes Correctly (By Age)

How to Choose Halloween Costumes

For a lot of boys and girls this may be one of only a few times during the year when they get to play “dress up.” So let their imaginations run wild. Do they want to be scary, funny, cute or heroic. Remember there are also many other instances when your kids can get into costume. This might be for a school presentation or one of the several other holidays that a dress up costume is acceptable. Below you will find a selection of ridiculously hilarious costumes by ages to choose from. 

How to Choose Halloween Costumes for Newborn Baby?

Halloween Costumes for Newborn Baby

When our children are infants it is truly the only time that we can put them in whatever clothes that WE decide. There are a few times of year that this can be extremely fun! Halloween of course, but then there is Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter, Christmas, and even Independence Day. We sifted through thousands of infant costumes to offer you a quick and easy source for all of your baby’s costume needs. Now, we tried to live up to our name and choose unique and original costume ideas, but of course the source that we have picked offers all of the usual cartoon, Disney, and Hollywood character costumes too.

How to Choose Halloween Costumes for Toddlers?

Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

For many toddlers this will be their first experience trick-or-treating. So beyond costumes it is imperative that you prepare your toddler for the sights and sounds of Halloween. Since it may be your toddlers’ first real Halloween, it may be your first real Halloween as a parent. Boys at this age are very rambunctious so keep this in mind when choosing their costumes. Boys will probably want to be Superman, Batman, or some other hero. Girls at this age are very picky so keep this in mind when choosing their dress up costumes. Girls will probably want to be Cinderella, Elsa, Dora, or some other cartoon star.

How to Choose Halloween Costumes for Teens?

Halloween Costumes for Teens

Halloween for a lot of teen boys is a time to cut loose and raise hell. Beyond raising hell there are often costume dances as well as Halloween parties to entertain teenage boys during this time. The recent rise in the popularity of the supernatural has made vampire, werewolf, and zombie costumes the choice of many teenage boys. However, a lot of teen boys do choose DIY costumes. Whatever you decide, consider what you will be doing when choosing a costume. Do you want to hide your identity? Can you dance in the costume? Are you going to be riding in a car? Can you walk comfortably?

Teenage girls are very concerned with fashion and may take criticism very hard. In many cases it is a very thin line between being trashy and being cute or being cool and being corny. So for many teen girls it is a very tough decision on what to wear for a costume if one is needed. In choosing what to put on this site I took into consideration what parents will think as well as what their peers will say.

How to Choose Halloween Costumes for Adults?

1. Mens Halloween Costumes

 Mens Halloween Costumes

Halloween may not be the favorite holiday for most men. After all, the children get most of the attention. Guys have more fun being in disguise on other days. It may be dressing up like Santa for the kids, a toga party with your partner, or a football game with the fellas. And many of the hottest night spots have Halloween parties and Masquerade Balls. So, whatever your reason for needing a men Halloween costume we hope that the selection below can at least lead you in the right direction.

2. Women Halloween Costumes

 Women Halloween Costumes

For many women, especially those who are mothers, Halloween is mainly for the children. Many women will just wear a very simple disguise on Halloween. However, there are still many occasions that ladies will wear a true women Halloween costume. Women love Mardi Gras, masquerade balls, and certainly a good couples costume party.

How to Choose Halloween Costumes for Couples?

Halloween Costumes for Couples

You don’t want to take on Halloween all alone? Coordinating a costume with your partner can be a good solution. This is especially true for you ladies that always have trouble getting your man to go to a costume party or even participate in Halloween. It will definitely spice up a party and maybe even your relationship. When trying to decide what would be the best Halloween dress up costume for you and your partner start with your common interests or something you both find funny.

Halloween is the perfect time to let out your hilarious side out and I have just what the doctor ordered. Since you love being the “class clown” you may as well dress the part. When you unveil one of these choices the room will erupt. A perfect Halloween costume will make you certainly be the center of attention!

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