Ultimate Guide for Kids Toy Cars (Remote Control & Non Remote Control)

kids toy cars

1. How to choose toy cars for children?

First of all, parents should buy toy cars from regulated channels. Regulated toy products will have 3C certification, toys with small parts will have relevant warning signs. In addition, regulated toys will indicate the age of the product, parents should choose the appropriate toy car according to the age of the child.

Pay attention to the quality of the product when purchasing a toy car. Toy cars are mostly made of plastic, so the manufacturer's manufacturing level can be seen from the details of the products. First-line brand's mold manufacturing and injection molding technology are more advanced, the production precision of the products is often higher, and the raw burrs will be visible to the naked eye, the seams are more natural.

2. Why are different toys suitable for different ages?

The age of the toy cars is mainly determined by the safety of the product. Therefore, the standard stipulates that the age limit must be marked on the toy packaging. When parents buy toy cars for their children, they should also pay attention to the applicable age indicated on the toy packaging, and not just consider whether the toy is fun or whether the child likes it.

Generally speaking, toys for children aged 0~3 can't have small parts. Toys for children aged 3~8 can have small parts, but with warning instructions, and toys for children over 8 years old can have small parts. There is no need to set warning instructions. In addition, many toys with plastic packaging, there may be a certain risk of suffocation, it is recommended that parents buy their own toys, first check their own, and then give the children to play.

3. Which toy car is suitable for preschool children?

For preschool children, non remote control car is suiteable for this ages kids, and you must first select the product that meets the age. The toys used by children from 0 to 3 years old cannot have small parts, which may prevent the child from swallowing the parts.

plastic toy cars

Another thing that needs special attention is the material of the non remote control toy car. The common materials for the non remote control car are plastic, alloy and wood. The qualified ABS plastic and wooden toy car are non-toxic and harmless, and it is not easy to hurt the children.

wooden toy car

Preschool toy cars usually have a puzzle attribute. Parents can carefully select toys that exercise their children's movement coordination and thinking skills when purchasing. For example, non remote control car with building block properties is good for exercising children's surprise movements and binocular coordination, while using brightly colored and diverse products is more conducive to exercising children's color perception and shape perception.

For Kids more than 3 years old, remote control cars should be considered for these ages kids.

remote control cars for kids

4. What are the power supply for remote control cars?

At present, remote control cars are generally powered by batteries, and the most common solution is to supply power through AA batteries (also called Battery No. 5, more about battery size). Since remote control cars consume a lot of power, consumers are advised to purchase rechargeable batteries that can be used repeatedly, such as nickel-metal hydride batteries and lithium polymer batteries. In general, nickel-metal hydride batteries are cheaper than lithium polymer batteries, but lithium polymer batteries have greater capacity and provide longer battery life for remote control cars. Consumers can choose which battery type according to their own needs.

Another type of more common remote control car is powered by a rechargeable battery pack. The battery pack is usually come with the remote control car, and is usually composed of a nickel-hydrogen battery or a lithium polymer battery, it's almost the same as the AA battery solution.

In addition to the above two kind battery solutions, some toy remote control cars have built-in non-removable batteries that are charged by the charger. Because the battery contains some harmful substances, this kind of built-in battery toy remote control car is more secure in terms of safety. However, the disadvantages of this products are also very obvious. When the power of the remote control car is exhausted, it can only be charged. It is not possible to change the battery to obtain longer battery life.

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