Vastatosaurus Rex VS King Kong

Vastatosaurus Rex VS King Kong
Skeleton Island, where King Kong lives, is a strange place packed with all kinds of ferocious animals. No matter in 1933's "King Kong" or 2005's "King Kong" , many dinosaurs are indispensable when displaying monsters on the island. The 1933 version King Kong fighted with a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and in the 2005 version, King Kong was facing a three-headed Destroyer. The one-on-three battle is one of the most exciting battles in the history of monster movies.

The Monarch of Destroyer ( Vastatosaurus Rex, shortened as V-Rex ), is the evolved version from T-Rex, has been living on Skeleton Island for many decades, with a body length of up to 15 meters, a hip height of 5 meters, and a weight of about 20 tons. The body length is similar to that of Tyrannosaurus Rex, but it weighs more than Tyrannosaurus Rex. It is twice as large, mainly because the head and hips of Destroyer Monarch are more solid and stout than that of Tyrannosaurus. The three destroying monarch dragons appearing in the movie are about 13 meters long.
Comparison between Demon King and Tyrannosaurus:

Covered with armor-like leather skin and gray scales on the back, it has a strong resistance to attack. Coupled with a thick skull and a tight chest cavity, the monarch dino looks like it is wearing relative to its ancestor Tyrannosaurus Rex. With a layer of protective armor, it is not bad in terms of biting power and other offensive strength. At the same time, its teeth can be continuously replaced like animals such as great white sharks. Therefore, it is not afraid to damage the teeth during the battle.

In terms of habits, the Destroyer Dragon and the Tyrannosaurus Rex have more similarities. They live alone as adults and have strong territorial consciousness. The young body prefers woodland and can effectively avoid danger. The adult body prefers the plain area. For large carnivores Animals are very suitable for hunting prey. Although the destroying monarch dragon has great endurance, like all large predators, their predation is mainly based on lurking and surprise.

In the official settings of "King Kong", it was mentioned that King Kong, as the last of its kind, was taken away by humans and died in the city, destroying the disappearance of the only evenly matched opponents on Skull Island, which meant that they were in King Kong's absence. Becoming the overlord of the island, until the 1950s, a large-scale earthquake broke out near Skull Island, destroying the monarch dino and other creatures on the island, sunk into the sea with Skull Island.

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