What Will Happens When Odense Harry Potter Festival Meets Halloween?

Odense Harry Potter Festival

Regardless of the original intention of Halloween to commemorate "Halloween", or praise the fall, anyway, it is now a festival of demons and ghosts, and mischiefs everywhere. Children can be unscrupulously mischievous and unscrupulous on this day, and the devils and ghosts can enter the room with impunity. There are all kinds of blood, so when Harry Potter festival meets Halloween, what will happen?

There are many festivals around the world, but it is so rare that the Harry Potter festival in Odense is so interesting. Think about it, many elements beyond imagination: Hans Christian Andersen, the hometown of fairy tales, Harry Potter, magic, ghosts of Halloween, then open your brains!

Harry Potter Festival in Odense

Children will embrace the street and try to dress themselves up as characters in various Harry Potter. At market, all kinds of Harry Potter magic books, Harry Potter magic wands, Harry Potter scarves are sold, and tickets are also available, as well as making cloaks, fortune tellers, churches, music schools... It’s really interesting. But in the store, I found out the store owner sold chopsticks to children instead of a magic wand! Haha, if the chopsticks can be used as a magic wand, the Chinese children are all magicians.

How can Harry Potter lose the Harry Potter Festival? After searching for several minutes, I finally found Harry Potter, but he was a little fat in the photo. However, when I was watching it at that time, I felt quite the same as original. Finally, before the end of the Harry Potter Festival, the children of the city were concentrated in the central square, with Harry Potter, declared war on all kinds of demons and ghosts, then "chaos" in the streets, and then the festival ended.

Harry Potter Dress Up

It is particularly worth mentioning that in addition to children and parents, the “Harry Potter” who are very strong in substitution, strong in performance and very ceremonial, are actually volunteers in the city. Of course, they are also all Harry Potter fans. They are obligated to do this, without pay, some of theme have to pay for their own equipment. The only reward is that after the ceremony, all actors will have a grand holiday party. During the period, I also met a particularly responsible volunteer. For a week, she was driving us, going to the stadium, going to the sights on time. They are a group of respectable volunteers.

In addition to the Harry Potter Festival, of course, you can't forget the Halloween that is coming the next. In the whole city, there are almost everywhere pumpkins. In the shops, there are all kinds of demons and spiders. The scenes of "bloody" appear frequently. Even the castle is full of ghosts and pumpkins.

Halloween Pumpkins

When Harry Potter meets Halloween, the fairy tale hometown Odense becomes a ghost city, the enchanting city. If you want to go to Odense, you'd better go there on mid-October, just for this fun Harry Potter festival before Halloween!

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