After Fingerlings Baby Monkeys Selling Out, WowWee Will Releases Baby Shark Fingerling

Baby Shark Fingerling

WowWee, a toy maker that once created hot toys like Fingerlings Baby Monkeys and Lucky Fortune, will have new releases recently. It is reported that the new product is now on the shelves of the store, for a new series with the theme of "Baby Shark", including the electric doll and the Baby Shark Fingerling.

Fingerlings Baby Monkeys

Later, in the summer and autumn season, learning tablet/mobile phones, batht toys, music walkers, and shape matching products will be listed one after another.

WowWee brand manager Emily Chacra said, “We are delighted to extend Baby Shark Fingerling world by leveraging our innovative technology and rhythm control. Through this technology, Baby Shark Fingerling and other collections can make ways for kids to interact with popular songs and their favorite characters!"

wowwee lucky fortune

After adding rhythm control technology, the child can change the rhythm of Baby Shark Fingerling singing by controlling the speed of mouth opening and closing.

Pinkfong Baby Shark Fingerlings, WowWee's first authorized fingertip series, will be available online in August at retail stores in the US and Canada. Every Baby Shark Fingerling is equipped with light-emitting fins and motion sensors. This special design allows children to interact with the Baby Shark Fingerling through lights, sounds, movements and songs.

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