Simulation dinosaur fossil archaeological
Simulation rex dinosaur excavation fossil
Simulation Triceratops dinosaur excavation fossil
Simulation Diplodocus dinosaur excavation fossil
Simulation Pterosaur dinosaur excavation fossil
Simulation Triceratops dinosaur fossil archaeological fossil
Simulation Triceratops dinosaur fossil excavation

Simulation dinosaur fossil archaeological excavation

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  • Material: Plastic, PVC
  • Size: 19.6cm×14.5cm×4.2cm
  • Use the tools to excavate the fossils and pick out the bones of dinosaur to put them together.


  • 1 × Excavation Tool Kit ( including chisel, brush and hammer),  1 × Dinosaur Fossils Packed with a Dig Brick ( There are 4 different dinosaurs' fossils: T-Rex, Triceratops, Pterosaur and Diplodocus. You can choose one of them.)
  • No matter what kind of dinosaur's fossils you choose, they are all exquisitely designed with clear skeletons and packed in the cement rock. 100% representling the real archaeological dig scene.
  • Our dinosaur dig kit has passed a rigorous testing and certification process, non-toxic and odorless, 100% safe for children to use. 
  • Our dinosaur dig kit can cultivate kids' interest in archaeological science, develop their eye-hand coordination, boost their fine motor muscles, enhance child-parent relationship, improve their practical ability.
  • Our dinasaur dig set can be perfectly used as a photo prop, birthday gift, party favors, school awards, etc. Suitable for family activity to boost bond between parents and kids.

Personally experience

  • The dinosaur dig kit is exquisitely packed and contains a brick,a chisel and a hammer, tools are quite complete.
  • The dinosaur fossil was in the mud brick. I took a chisel in my left hand and a hammer in my right. I imitated the appearance of archaeologists in the TV.
  • I spray some water on the brick so that there was no dust when I knocked it down.After my careful digging, I dug out the dinosaur fossils one by one, washed them one by one, and poked the mortar out of the holes with a toothpick.
  • Finally, I begin to splice the dinosaur fossils. In fact, it is not easy to splice the dinosaur fossils. Some holes are relatively tight, so we have to carefully align and apply a little force.This is digging dinosaur fossil game, enjoy the process of curiosity, very interesting, can also exercise children's hands and brain ability.
  • The last thing I want to say is that this dinosaur fossil model is really lifelike. When I put this dinosaur together, it is just like a piece of art. It is of great value to appreciate


  • Open the package and use the tools to dig.
  • Use the tool exacvate the brick just like the experts in TV (Lay a cardboard under the brick)
  • Brush the dirt and dig by a chisel, to dig out the dinosaur's fossils.
  • Clean the fossils you dig and assemble them. Then your archaeology job can be perfectly finished.

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