8 Tips on How to Choose Toys for 1-3 Year Olds

Toys for 1-3 Year Olds

When the child is one year old, it is a qualitative leap. The child enters the stage of a little conscious, actionable and hands-on ability from the time of the baby, and his thoughts and interests are constantly expanding.

During this time, parents will find that children don't like to play toys they bought before. So how to choose suitable toys for 1-3 year olds?


To kids toys, safety must comes the first, and secondly is funny.

kids toy safety

Some inferior toys can be seen at a glance. For example, the edges have burrs, the cuts are not uniform, or they can smell, open the package with a pungent smell, or you can feel it.

However, some quality is not easy to find, such as harmful chemicals inside, it will cause harm to children, especially young children put it in their mouths.


beautiful kids toys

Many parents are more concerned about this, this is not only the cultivation of children's aesthetic ability, but more importantly, if the toy parents are not beautiful, they do not like it. Color matching, styling, and style should all be considered.


Many classic building brocks toys, there are many ways to play, such as Lego blocks or wood blocks, the shape is changeable and colorful, the size is suitable for the hand grip of children after half age, and it is not to be inadvertently swallowed.

building bricks toys

It can be initially built for kids around the age of one. Elder kids can built with slightly more complicated shapes, these unique toys for kids can can be reusable with other toys, and kids can find different fun at each age.

Don't Buy Shiny, Vocal Toys

Especially young children are in the period of high development of the sensory system. They are exposed to these kind toys( such as tablets, cellphone, TV) and are accustomed to passively perceiving things. It is difficult to be interested in static toys that need to be active in the future. It is not recommended to buy.

kids watching tablets

Source: What Does a Tablet Do to the Child's Mind? - New York Times

Don't Buy in Advance

Parents think that some cool fun toys will be bought sooner or later. The three-year-old toy bought at the age of one, As a result, it cannot be played according to the normal playing method. When it is time for kids to play, it has lost interest.

Consider Store before Buying

kids toy storage

When buying toys, it is not enough to consider whether it is good or not. You also have to consider whether it is good to store, if not, you should not buy much more. As an alternative, you can go to the toys store when you need to play.

Know Kids' Interest

Toys are for children, not for adults. When buying a toy, you must consider your child's preferences in order to have a high hit rate. For example, the same wood jigsaw puzzles, each child may not like the same type.

kids interest training toy

To Newly Generated Interest

If parents are not sure whether kids really like the newly generated interest, you can do some manual games of the same theme, from the process of playing can feel whether the child really likes, and then decide whether to buy.

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