Children Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle
Wood Blocks Puzzle
Children Wooden Jigsaw
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Children Wood Jigsaw Puzzles, Alphabet & Number & Animal Blocks Puzzle

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  • One side is 26 English letters,and for another side,it is the number of 1 to 26.
  • Bright color
  • A bright graphic design
  • Teach baby to correctly identify the letters, numbers and color; Train baby's patience. 
  • Fine workmanship,let your baby know appearance and structure of the kinds of animal.
  • Exercise baby memory and ability to assemble;Improve the transformation of thinking ability and the baby hands and brain, combining ability.

Cleaning & maintenance

  • Can't be cleaned, Because the wood will swell, deformation .
  • Can be used to clean, damp cloth to gently wipe the toy, or some natural cleanser gently wipe, then dry with a dry cloth.
  • Regular drying, Because wooden puzzle toys easy moldy, so put in ventilated place to dry, to prevent the wooden play moldy.
  • Can not be exposed to the sun, To prevent the emergence of crack, wood paint.