Magic Sand Play Kit
Magic Sand Play
Magic Sand Play Kit for Kids
Kids Magic Sand Play

Sand Tray Toys, Magic Sand Play Kit with 45 Pcs

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  • UPC:632096630115
  • Manufacturer:3 Otters
  • Brand:3 Otters
  • Space color sand has excellent liquidity and plasticity, allowing children enjoy building castles on the beach at home;
  • Space color sand is made of food grade beeswax polymer and sea sand, non-toxic and odorless.


  • Weight:0.45kg, play sand is 4kg
  • 45 Pcs Molds with a free storage box
  • Play sand color: blue;


  • Safety: made of food grade beeswax polymer and sea sand and no content of harmful substances;
  • Plasticity: good liquidity and not easy to disperse, easy to shape different shapes;
  • Environmentally friendly molds: The molds are all made in environmentally friendly materials with no burrs. They are lear outlines and can be safely used;
  • Product Quality - Made of food grade beeswax polymer and sea sand, Small particles, good fluidity, non-toxic and odorless;
  • Strong Shaping Ability - Play sand is malleable and fluid and not easy to disperse so children can shape different shapes and develop creativity; color sand has no residue, will not stick to the hand;
  • Apply To - can simulate the scene, build different shapes, parents can also join the children, shape your kingdom.